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Alain Mathieu,
MCE store , Paris
«We could not wait to get our package. We heard a lot about Russian stun guns. We are very impressed by the result. We already tried the guns. All claimed specifications are true. Russian stun guns imm... [читать далее]obilize the objects, which cannot move a muscle afterwards! Awesome!!!»
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Helsinki, Finland
«Our company bought Avatar-rus stun guns. They are so compact they can be worn on a belt. Very effective! The quality is perfect unlike Chinese.»
Yakim ,
«We would like to note the very high quality of Russian stun guns. We ordered a Phantom RUS EXPORT. They are way better than their cheap Chinese counterparts!»
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«I bougth shooting premium stun guns PDG-S5. They worked very well at a distance of 5 meters. They are 100% efficient! Btw much more effective and convenient than American Tasers.»
Wahid Ibn Rashid,
Security company , UAE, Dubai
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Edward McCormick ,
Sea Port stewedore Chief officer, San Francisco, CA
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Information on Russian stun guns. Main differencies from the manufacturers from other countries.

There is one important feature of Russian made stun guns you should keep in mind. Stun guns made in China may be advertised as having an output voltage of 10,000,000 volts or even fake 50,000,000 volts and more. It is absolutely different in Russia. Russian made stun guns are honestly rated at 90,000 volts at 3 watts for civilian customers, and 120,000 volts at 10 watts (reinforced) for Russian special services. The combination of the wattage, voltage, and output voltage are different from those for Chinese stun guns, therefore the electric current is of a different nature: it has a higher spark forming frequency, causes a stronger pain, paralyze faster and even burns through paper! The second different feature is that almost all Russian stunguns combine action effect: direct contact and distance firing / shooting (as American “TASERs”). Moreover stun guns made in Russia much more quiet and has own hi-voltage accu battery specially designed for each model. Please advice full description for each stun gun type on our website.

At the same time in Russia there are different and very interesting for a worldwide general conception types of stun guns, for example: shooting stun batons, shooting classic(rectangular) stun guns, multicharged tasers etc. Also all shooting Russian tasers can be used in direct contact action.
Quality of Russian stun guns is guaranteed by the strictest Russian military quality standards. These standards are monitored by the regulatory Russian government agencies according to the procedure required by law.

Just as Russian military weapons, Russian stun guns (electroshocks, electroshokers or shokers in Russian) proved their efficiency in field use. They earned a reputation of the most powerful electro-convulsive weapons developed especially for Law enforcement and designed for the use by special Russian police(OMON), special forces (ALPHA spec ops antiterror), and for sure for civilians. The main feature of Russian stun guns is its power, for instance the power output of Taser X26 is of 2 watts but the power output of Russian STUN GUN ASHYU-300 (MILITARY) is of 16(!) Watts (it also influences on output voltage to amperage ratio P=UxI) i.e. 8(eight) times more powerful than American Taser! It means Russian stun gun can paralize an object not during the time of stun impact but has residual paralize effect afer the use during 10-40 minutes so the object can not move during a long period of time.

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